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WordPress is the number ONE Website Content Management System in the world. It is versatile, flexible, very adaptable, open to developers to improve on and is regularly updated to reflect new changes. WordPress accounts for over 20% of all websites in the world. All because of its amazing features.

Unfortunately, hackers and spammers also love these features and look for vulnerable WordPress sites to take advantage of. Its regular updates also means plugins and links on your websites can break if they don’t match the new update configurations.

That is what our WordPress Maintenance Service is here for. Security, Updates, and more. At a cost of N10,000 Only Per Month.

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We scan and check your website for vulnerable scripts, Spam and viruses. This involves all plugins and links on your site. We also Install and Configure a Security Plugin to act as a barrier to any attempted external threat.


Round the clock, everyday and night to make sure everything is working as it should. We even keep an eye on your Domain Name and Hosting. Protecting you from any and every unpleasant surprise


 It will be our job to make sure your website is kept up and running smoothly. No interruptions, no downtime. You focus on your offline business and leave the website uptime to us. (this applies exclusively to websites hosted with us)


Not only will we update your WordPress with every new update and features, we will also update all links and plugins on your website.


There is nothing more debilitating to a Business than losing data. We make sure you never have to face such a situation with our Weekly Website Backup and here is something you can hardly get anywhere else – DAILY EMAIL BACKUP! No matter what happens, you will always be able to access and restore all your information.


We will track all your website visits and show you the amount of visits daily, weekly and monthly, where your traffic is coming from, what time of the day, which pages they visit, how long each visit is etc. With his information, you can take your business to a whole new level by focusing your target on where it is most effective and beefing up your strength where needed.


You will have your own personlized WordPress Maintenance Login Page with a secure Username and Password to enable you login at anytime to view reports from us one everything we are doing on your website. You will see your Website Stats, Updates, Backups, all our tweaks to keep your website in top shape, EVERYTHING! And you will also be able to make requests right from in there on any additional tech support you require, consult with us on any website issue, ask for advice etc. You will always get a response within 24hours.


Bhlue-One always prides itself on going the extra mile for our clients. For everyone signed on to this Service, we will install a Website Speed Booster at no additional cost on your WordPress Website. What this does? It reduces the loading time of your website substantially. We all know how tiring it can be waiting for a website to finish loading, and in today’s increasingly busy Business World, not many people have the time to waste. With our Speed Booster, that will no longer be an issue.

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